Who Are WE?

Our Mission

Our Team

Our team consists of the two co-founders, Matteo Lasagni (CEO) and Francesco Budini (CTO), who combine pluriannual academic experience and passion for mechatronics and sport science.

Our Core Values

Our Story

The idea of MCP was born in the very moment when Matteo told Francesco that he was developing a new technology capable of measuring with unprecedented precision the rotation force (torque) of industrial machines.

The immediate reaction of Francesco was: “Really?!? How small can you scale it down? What is its weight?”. All answers were very promising!

The next challenge was where to install it in a bicycle.

After exploring different options, we soon realised that the most suitable place for installing a power meter based on the new technology, is the hollow cavity of the crank spindle.

In June 2018, the idea was presented at Science Park Graz and it was selected for the incubation program.

After months of designing, testing and prototyping, MCP is finally reality.

Our Expertise

Dr.techn. Matteo Lasagni (PhD in mechatronics from Graz University of Technology) has got his master and bachelor degrees in computer engineering. During his academic career, his research focused on multidisciplinary topics ranging from wireless sensor networks, articial vision, embedded systems, and robotics; his teaching activity counts three main topics such as microcontrollers, embedded systems, and foundation of computer engineering. He has several years of experience in the design and development of wireless sensor solutions. His main respon- sibility covers the technical aspects towards the development of the final product.


Dr. Francesco Budini (PhD in sport science from University College of Dublin) is also a biking enthusiast and a sport science researcher at the university of Graz. During his PhD and postdocs has gained considerable experience in exercise training, biomechanics and performance analysis.

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