key features

Highly Accurate

Computer simulations have demonstrated the extraordinary high sensitivity of MCP. Moreover, being our technology not based on strain gauges, MCP is not susceptible to noise related to changes in temperature.


Every mid-high-end bike mounts a hollow crank spindle. If you are using a hollow crank spindle, you can install MCP!! As simple as this.


By lodging within one of the most protected part of the bike, the sensor is not exposed to external agents which might compromise its lifetime. This feature makes MCP extremely suitable also for mountain bikers.

Easy Install & Swap

You will not need technical assistance or special tools for installing MCP!! All you need is one allen key and the installation site is accessible by the simple removal of one bolt. This bolt is substantially a cap that covers the hollow cavity of the crank spindle, therefore this procedure does not influence the functionality of any of the installed components. Additionally, you will be able to swap MCP among your bikes within minutes!!

Cost Effective

The only cost to take into account is the price of the sensor itself. MCP does not require technical assistance or special tool for the installation and does not replace existing components of the bike. This means that you will not be left with a crank that you paid and do not use anymore or with an extra pair of pedals or back wheel that certainly were not cheap!


MCP weights less than 40 g